About Us



Fred’s history in the rug business has contributed to the company’s success. He has been an antique rug dealer for more than 15 years. With the background and expertise in antique rugs, we’ve been able to recreate highly collectible designs with perfect color combinations. He has developed an excellent reputation among wholesale customers for more than 15 years. Over 40 rug dealers all over the U.s, Europe, Canada and South America carry the Pacific Collection line and all of those dealers share the same thought about our company – “Their prices are moderate and fair; the rugs are gorgeous.”


Pacific Collection, was created in 1997 by Fred Hazin an antique rug dealer and collector. He had the vision of producing beautiful high-end rugs by recreating the antique rug designs that he loved. We’ve been able to create those highly collectible antique rugs, with perfect color combinations using highest materials.


One of our achievement was winning the Magnificent Carpet Award at Atlanta International Area Rug Market in 2002. This award is recognized as the area rug industry’s most coveted honor.